How to Get Great Skin Overnight
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Great Skin
Great skin days
start at night.

How much time do you need for “beauty sleep”? We say five minutes. Because while we all know that a good night’s sleep has a long list of health benefits, you can prep for great skin in just the five minutes before bed.

See for yourself. With this effective Clinique nighttime skincare routine, you’ll see skin that’s soft, supple, and glows like a dream.

Step 1: Start with clean skin.

Never go to bed with your makeup on; any trace of makeup or dirt left on skin overnight can cause bacteria or clog pores which can lead to blemishes. Hit the pillow with clean skin with Take the Day Off™ Cleansing Balm, which dissolves dirt, makeup, pollution, and impurities thanks to this silky balm. The formula transforms into a nourishing oil as you massage it into your skin, working to break up residue and let your skin start fresh. Rinse well with warm water, then pat dry with a clean towel.
Step 2: Add a gentle peel.

An exfoliating acid peel in your nighttime routine 2-3 times a week can make all the difference in your glow. Our Clarifying Do-Over Peel is gentle enough to use multiple times a week, while effective enough to reveal millions of fresher cells with every use. Its 32% Micro-Acid+ Complex helps boost cell renewal through multi-level exfoliation. That means it’s removing surface dead skin cells while helping tackle future imperfections. The result? Skin is ready for your next skincare steps and looks radiant when you wake up.
Step 3: Battle blemishes.

It doesn’t matter how dewy and hydrated skin your skin is when a blemish pops up. Be prepared. Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel is a clearing gel that reduces the look of blemishes with a real cocktail of ingredients: salicylic acid to help clear the dead skin cells that contribute to clogged pores, laminaria saccharina extract to help prevent oil build up, and witch hazel to reduce shine.
Step 4: Bring in the moisture.

Hydration is the final—and maybe most important—nighttime step. Your nightly moisturiser can absorb deeply into skin undisturbed, helping support your moisture barrier when it’s not being interrupted by daily wear (think: makeup, weather, touching your face, etc.) Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator is not only so soothing with its gel-cream texture, but also packed with good-for-skin ingredients like aloe bioferment and hyaluronic acid to help attract and retain moisture. That plump dewy glow you’re always looking for? It’s your hydrated skin, and it can be yours.

Okay, now go to bed!