Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Your skin needs moisture to stay youthful and radiant. Our range of Clinique moisturisers infuse the skin with replenishing hydration to reveal your most youthful and beautiful complexion.

Moisturiser is one of the most important elements of a healthy skin care routine. Helping to hydrate the skin, moisturiser ensures your skin is protected, nourished, and strong.

Our Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream strengthens and hydrates skin so it can stay younger, longer. The dermatologist-developed formula provides all-day protection and soothes even the driest of skin. The moisture-rich cream makes your skin more resilient..

We have also created moisturisers to target specific complexion concerns, such as redness, dryness, sensitivity, and blemishes. For skin that is red and irritated, try the Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream. The extra gentle, oil-free formula instantly calms the skin and diminishes redness. Not only does the moisturiser help keep your complexion composed, but it also helps prevent future flare-ups.

For skin that feels dry or thirsty, we’ve created Moisture Surge. The Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator uses a rich, oil-free cream gel that glides smoothly onto the skin and instantly replenishes dryness. The hydrator helps repair your skin’s moisture barrier over time, keeping your skin hydrated both day and night. Try the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and wake up to dewy, glowing skin.

On the other side of the skin type spectrum is oily or acne-prone skin. Our Anti-Blemish All Over Clearing Treatment uses a lightweight, medicated formula to treat blemishes and breakouts. The formula lightly hydrates to minimise dryness and peeling, while helping to control excess oil. The result is skin that is cool and calm.

Moisturiser isn’t just the key to hydration, but to a youthful glow as well. Our Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer immediately plumps the skin and visible smooths lines and wrinkles. Smart hydration technology helps your skin attract and retain moisture for a younger-looking complexion.

For skin that’s truly healthy and youthful, add Clinique Fresh Pressed serum system to your daily routine. Fresh Pressed harnesses the power of pure, fresh Vitamin C to deliver impressive de-ageing results. The daily booster helps to brighten, even, and retexturise the skin so you can regain a fresh glow.

While serums and moisturisers replenish your skin both day and night, you need tailored treatments during your intense workouts and activities. CliniqueFIT products provide healthy skin solutions for your highly active lifestyle. Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer hydrates you skin while controlling oil and reducing shine. Workout 24-hour Mascara stays put all day, from warm up to cool down. CliniqueFIT Lip + Cheek Flush delivers a healthy-looking touch of colour to lips and cheeks.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, your skin deserves the best care and hydration. The moisturiser you choose should help your skin be its best self. Skin should not be defending itself against unnecessary, harsh ingredients. Fragrance-free and allergy tested is key to all our formulations.